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Hey Everybody

Hi I am Jenny, and I live in San Diego, CA with my husband two infants and inlaws woohoo!! Actually it's not that bad we are in the complete process of purchasing a house so hopefully by next month we'll be on our own again!! I am sooo excited this will be our first house that we own, I cant wait to be natural and chemical free. I have no idea the best way to garden, but I plan on it, at least a couple of veggies. We are moving to serious suburbia with an HOA so not sure what the guidelines are for horticulture, but I think that I will begin with 1/2 Barrels and go from that point. Any ideas would be magnificent, additionally any new home idea to get me started in the right foot? We will be moving to Murrieta where it truly is hot so any suggestions on keeping the humidity up and cooling the house this summer, it's the desert. I really like to cook, I do unfortunately possess the worlds pickiest eater, so I seriously mince our veggies to get them in, nevertheless they do not know wont hurt them. Alright my LO is shouting please messasge me and say hello, I love CDaiping and attempting to be creative!

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