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Think My Hubby Is Mad

My husband asked yesterday evening if he could ''join' me... which is wonderful!!! but... He is not really big on the whole 'starvation' part of the fast. So we are discussion switching it so that we are both doing a veggie only food regime and raw fruit, and just a specific amount of calorie intake a day or something similar to this. We are going to look more into it tonight. I really don't understand how I feel about it. I suppose it will probably help together with the hunger aspect, and I understand that raw fruits and veggies are a lot less toxic for the system. Probably decide tonight or tomorrow. I've been looking up the fruit and veggie fasts and they are supposed to work almost as well, a little less for losing weight but since in the event you stick to a specific calorie count and eat the fruits that are low in calories and high in fluid (like one peach is only 37 calories) it is suppose to be almost as good as a pure water fast for everything else, and since I am less concerned with weight- expect for the health benefits of it, and more for the detox and health benefits of cleansing and detoxing I think that it could work as well. So I really don't understand, what do you all think? For individuals who don't know the background info check out the first post- 21 day modified water fast

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